Walking sign | Gå ut og gjør alle folkeslag til mine disipler [Ord av Jesus, Mat. 28, 19]

Walking sign bandbilde

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Walking Sign became a band in the autumn of 2009, while we were studying at Ansgar Bible College in Kristiansand. 5 young guys came together to have some fun with their music and to worship our heavenly father with the talents he has given us. In the autumn of 2009, five guys came together at Ansgar Bible College in Kristiansand, Norway with a desire to play music, have fun, and worship their Heavenly Father with their gifts...  ...the result: Walking Sign.  We are a group of strapping young Norwegian lads representing the most beautiful places in the south and west of Norway.  Walking Sign is not just a band, it is a fusion of life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and even different tastes in musicgeneres.    Through our lyrics, we share some our truest thoughts, knowing our music carries an important message.  Jesus Christ is the object of our affection, and we long to bring Glory to His name through our music, and they way we live our lives as a band.   This past year (2010/2011) we have traveled around all of Norway, playing over 100 concerts and representing the SeaSide Music Festival (Norway's biggest Christian music Festival).


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